Ex Infinity Ward Devs Coming Back to Create the Newest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game series is among the most played combat and shooting games in the whole world. It is produced by Infinity Ward and sold by Activision. However, after the announcement of the game’s sequel, there was been a dispute between the two studios. This caused the founders and heads of game’s producing agency to be hastily fired. However, they made a comeback at Infinity Ward to produce the fourth instalment of the popular combat game.

The events after the founders’ removal

After the abrupt removal of Infinity Ward’s executives, several other major devs of the studio also followed suit. They are also the people behind the majority of Call of Duty titles. Because of this, an entirely new group of game creators worked on the third Modern Warfare game and its succeeding titles.

But just recently, a lot of those departed has started to make their comeback to Infinity Ward. The first one to make a comeback is Joel Emslie. He was also the art director behind the first two titles under the Titanfall series.

What made them return

His love for shooting games made Emslie decide to work for Infinity Ward once more. That is because his desire to create shooting and combat games was been rekindled. He also stated that he missed working with games of the said genre. The others just then started to come back upon hearing the news of Emslie’s comeback.

Despite leaving, Infinity Ward still welcomed them again with open arms. In fact, people in Infinity Ward was so happy and elated to see Emslie and company once again. Everyone is eager to work with the returning seniors and the outcome of the newest edition of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The newest edition of the game is expected to be out in the public by October of this year.

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